Paraguay Betting Internet Control board Casinos As well as Sportsbetting

Paraguay Betting Internet Control board Casinos As well as Sportsbetting

South America is now seeing a series of new gaming regulations, one of the major rising areas in the world for gaming companies 新加坡线上赌场游戏平台. The most recent indication of a change is Peru, whose regulators are examining measures that would formalise present installations and bring internet operators home with the necessity for Peruvian operators to have a local licence.

The Directorate-General for Gaming Casino and Machine Traguedas is urging legislators to give green light to regulations which require online gaming operators to have a physical presence in Peru to reach local clients – a development which, if it was enacted, would seriously restrict competition on the market.

Manuel San Román Benavente, top dog in the body, said the organisation worked with the Financial Intelligence Department in order to draw up new rules to regulate casino play and sports betting, ready to be endorsed by legislators.

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It should be noted that Benavente takes shape in this respect, that because identical rules have previously been proclaimed they would be issued in legislation until July this year – this certainly was not the case. Nevertheless it speaks of a procedure that looks to create State monopolies, like that adopted by the Colombian government, to the exclusion of external competition.

You can see that regulators favour this kind of process; it is one way to make sure that tax collections are going where regulators want them to create regulated markets with domestic licences. At the expense of the choice of player, however, it comes at the expense of a situation in which certain players are playing at previously tolerated operators, and only now operate illegally.

Currently in Peru, online gambling is like a grey zone – tolerated, but not legal or illegal under the laws of the country. Children’s gaming machines and greyhound competition are notable exceptions to the rule and are both strictly prohibited.

Opening up local sports betting market could expand gaming revenue sources  - Analyst

Initial strategy 

Colombia is here the case study and it is obvious that regulators in Peru are looking for a type of regulatory approach. But there are a number of problems, as the Colombian authorities have been struggling to implement their new legislation effectively demonstrated.

The first strategy saw the Colombian state blocking domain-level non-licensed players. Nice try – these methods have been unfortunately easy to avoid, and the regulator struggled for alternatives. The next item is the limitation on the handling of gambling transactions by unofficial players of payment processors, It is understandable that governments that have been in the tolerated shadows at the moment or in the past want to open up activity – tax and regulate and reinvestiture money into public services. Models work here, and it is good that these respective regulators recognise the freedom of their citizens to play in this way.

However, the problem is much bigger. Operators based offshore Online Gambling is a global industry. Some even offer customer services worldwide, regardless of local gambling laws. This controls the unregulated and although the majority of operators are legitimate and meet legal requirements, traditional mechanisms make it almost impossible to police.